Fuzzy Wuzzy had it

round two FIGHT!!!!

"select the monkey riding the triceratops" "i try and intimidate the barrel."

after taking down the big bad purple worm, the team gets ushered into a little room to the side of the arena. a lady then tells us that she thinks we were using magic. we tell her no but she says it’s chill and she likes magic too. Then, she brings us all a potion to drink. we feel better but a little funny as well. I fell like i love my group and don’t ever wanna to leave them. A sense of pride and camaraderie befalls me. I would do anything for them. Suddenly, Squeeks just runs off for no reason! why would she do that!? SO NOT FAIR! i can’t handle this kind of abandonment.

The nice lady then informs us that we will be getting a NEW team member but he is running late so we will meet him in the ready room before the next battle. after that we all filter down to the READY ROOOOOOOOOM

ROUND TWO-UH FIGHT! The gates fly open Tetsuo and I run the the left and take cover. after sneaking around for a bit, the tricera-boss comes over and tries to gore me. I stab two arrows into its face at point blank range, i run away and narrowly escape with my life! after that it runs over to tertious and stomps on him. as this happens a rogue rope arrow flies over my head. it sticks in the side of the triceraboss and a valient dragonborn slides down. tertious’s face makes an imprint in the mud too. the monkey screams in frustration and hops down from the triceratops. in a huff the monkey flings poo square in the face of the new dragonborn dude.

suddenly the battle stops! we apparently we have gotten the furthest ever of all of the champions with the three horned beast. after realizing that our new companion is a dragon born i enthusiastically hand over the red and white dragon born eggs i found. after smashing them he explains that they are dragon KIN eggs not dragon BORN eggs and that they are part of the problem that is happening here.

after regrouping in the winning room we get our champion tokens and our orders to kill the emperor. “the emperor has a strong presence in the mountains. he can also be found by the ocean. our spies have seen him headed towards the mountain but then again he is so well guarded that you can get close but not tooooo close.” we get instructions on where to get our armor repaired as well. after hitting a guard so hard he breaks his jaw we all walk out to get a drink.

we choose a tavern called The Brass Squirrel. we buy a BARREL of of the house beer and try to drink it all. we proceed to try and learn more about this silvery strange creature that helps us. for some reason tatsuo feels like he needs to skinny dip in the fountain with his beer. the metals say that this is ok for us because we are the champions.

the bar has the worst food ever. for some reason the food shipments have not been coming in. we decide to hunt instead. but it is late so we decide that is a silly idea, we go get our winnings instead and then get our dire wolf mounts. we slowly pick our mounts

((( left off picking mounts))


Reece1919 jax_reynolds89

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