Fuzzy Wuzzy had it

slowly but surely we all pick out our mounts. Tatsuo picks the burliest, i pick the pretty one, and the other two get the last ones. after we get our saddles, we get them all tacked up and head to the smithy. tatsuo rides as fast as he can to the smithy to get his chain fixed as soon as possible. after some work the chain comes back looking a bit better than before.

after that we head to the hat shop for a bowler, a thread place for pantaloons, and a jacket with tails, then to a cart place for a carriage to be pulled by two dire wolves. we acquire all of this for the dragonborn for he feels the need to be dressed nicely at all times for some reason.

when the shopping is done, we wander back to the laughing slayer tavern and proceed to get drunk!! tatsuo drinks most of a mini keg of beer while i search for someone to pet me. i am pretty drunk after my one beer and wander over to the front to get some lovin.


Reece1919 jax_reynolds89

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