Fuzzy Wuzzy had it

into battle!!

die purple thing die!

The great band of heros enter their first battle. The large, purple worm-type creature slowly creeps up on us trying to get us into its large gnashing jaws! alas! it captures tetsuo. what will his fate be? tertious runs forward in a feat of valency and makes a great attack. he does great damage to the monster. then, Squeeks spins an amazing song which convinces the monster to drop our fellow hero. it it’s confusion it swings its fat tail and swipes back the slick one. resisting the poison, he jumps up and tries to attack back. the squabble continues until in a humble feat, tertious stabs the worm to death and we win!

we fly back into the ready room and drink our health potions. everyone feels better but since i am at full i just VERY SNEAK-ily palm mine. no one seems to notice. i am the epitome of stealth

we launch into the second round with 4 new opponents.a male elf, a female elf, a halfling female, and female human. many arrows are exchanged. people are snuck up on. after some hairy and close moments, we win by squeeks beheading the last player. we are then escorted to a room where we have a special guest. Antomina, the head of the college meets us. she tells us that she knows we are using magic and she likes that we are willing to get out hands dirty. she likes this. HOW WILL IT END?!


Reece1919 jax_reynolds89

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