Fuzzy Wuzzy had it


furry titties time

after making some quick work of some wargs. we get back into single file and get to a door. the door won! goodbye sweet hand ax :(

soon after some wandering we came across another tatsuo! there was so much confusion and anguish. a small skirmish broke out and we ended up killing the doppelganger. he has 400 gold and a weird sword on him. Squeeks kept the evil thing and we moved on.

we shove open a stuck door and after it closes it gets stuck again. this tiled room has a pedestal in the middle which is suspicious. after one lucky try it opens to an iron chest. tertius tries over and over again to open it to no avail. suddenly, we hear a small hoard coming in our direction. it is 11 feral hobbits. we battle and one shot most of them taking very little damage. we kill all but one of them then take the last one hostage. after a communication falure, tertius kills the halfling. we loot the bodies of the others.

all of he sudden the iron chest in the middle opens up! after divvying up the treasure we leave off at room 9.


Reece1919 jax_reynolds89

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