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The Imperium of Branchwick


The Imperium of Branchwick is the governing body that rules over the western edge of Crandalta. The western slopes of the Eagle’s peaks mark the eastern most edges of the Imperium.


The Imperium of Branchwick was created in 1609 when the waring tribe of Travati Elven Magisters surrendered to the Branchwick Nobility in the [[Battle if the Last Spell.]] Since that time, magic users has been hunted though out the land. The remaining Magisters that survived fled into the Eagle’s Peaks and set up small settlements there. The citizens of the Imperium consider magic users savage, due to the long time ties of the Nobility to the The College of the Architect.

For the last 700 years, the Imperium have been tracking the remainder of the Magisters in the Nests. The main camp of that provided this service is located at Tridanfore.


Humans, Elves, Halflings, and other similar Races live and work and are treated as equals. Orcs and those who associate with them are considered evil and are not trusted. Dwarves left into the mountains over 300 years ago and are rarely if ever seen. Most gnomes were hunted down and killed long ago because of their natural lure to use magic was seen as an issue.

The Society of the Imperium can be divided into three categories: nobility, associates and slaves. If an associate is found to be unemployed, they are assigned work; if work is not available, then slaves can be removed from jobs and Associates will be employed in there place, paid by tax money.

To be classified as nobility, the Patriarch of the family must be directly related to the founders of the Branchwick Nobility. The most common names to be related to are Silvera, Frenkel, and Regnier (the name of the current Emperor.)

Associates are the common folk of the Imperium they do not have a direct patriarchal relation to the Branchwick nobility. They can own slaves, land, and property. They cannot be members of the court.

Slaves are the lowers members of society and cannot own property or land. Any Associate can be sold into slavery to cover debt or even as a dowery. Slaves can legally buy their freedom from their owners, or in rare cases the government.


The Imperium employs very little formal forces of their own. Most of the military strength of the government comes from the Constitution.


The Imperium has both an Emperor and Court.

The Emperor is the executive head of the Imperium and can create and abolish laws without the consent of the Court.

At the founding of the Imperium, the Emperor was an elected head chosen by the Court. But the 5th Emperor, Randolph the first, created a law that allowed his first son to become the next Emperor. The Court has always had the power to overturn this law, but they have never been able to vote unanimously to do so.

The Court is made up of the 3 Selectmen from each city, one for each district, and their wives. The court comes together once a year to vote and discuss major issue in the Imperium.

The Select of each district are voted for by the Nobles and Associates that live in that area. They work as the local judges of their district and handle any minor issue that comes up. The 3 Selectmen of the City work together in solving larger problems, overseeing the small groups of hired mercenaries that act as the cities watch, and judging larger criminal cases that are not handled by the individual Selectmen.

Main Regions

The Imperium can be view as many regions, which have varying degrees of mostly temperate weather.

The Lost City is on the south-western boarder of the Eastern Sea. Although it’s name would not suggest it The “City” takes up more than 300 mi.² filling the landscape with the ruins of the Anagratic. Large patches of rare magical power can be found here and are know to cause large, dangerous displays and lethal reactions.

The Eagle’s Nests is the large mountain range that separates the Imperium from the rest of Crandalta.

The Burlans is a desolate land that was once part of [[Forshorn Forest.]] During the Battle if the Last Spell the Magisters set fire to the forest where they had set up their camp while planning their attack on the Anagratic. This left half the forest as smoldering waste that still burns with great fires, and occasionally other magical phenomena, to this day.

The great Forsworn Forest is the largest patch of woodlands in the Imperium. Laying almost in the center of the Imperium, It used to separate the northern and southern kingdom of Old Branchwick.

The Dunes of Creation are said to be where the Council of the Divine came down from the heavens. It is a large sandy dessert in the north, leading into a vast hardpan plan in the south as it nears The Burnlans. It is bordered by the beaches of the eastern sea on its northern side.

The Planes of Ashmar are rolling grassy planes and farmland. The farms take up most of the eastern half of the planes supplying food to the Capital and being sent on trade routes to the north areas of the Imperium. The grassy planes were once very peaceful and were home to large herds of Grey Mammoths. After the fires in the forest drove the dire wolves from the forest and onto the planes, the mammoth population as been driven to near zero. even lifelong travels who live on the plans have gone generations without seeing a single one.


Almost all of the citizens of the Imperium live in one of the large city-states that govern over areas. There was once a great number of small villages but after decades of Magister raids that would leave none or few alive, the Court voted that no village or town should be formed outside of the walls of the Cities.

Olcmire is the capital city of the Imperium. Here the Imperial Villa, The Spire Lodge of the College, and the Culture Expo is located. It also is home to the Stone Market, the largest market in the Imperium.

Rundohite is a city located in the plains and is famous for the taming of Dire wolves into mounts. They are also the largest producer of Metal works in the Imperium.

Gormin Hollow is often called Watch Town, as it was when it was founded. The town is now mostly know for the creation and export of great wines and beers. It also has some of the best food in the Imperium. It also has many mines that go under the mountains and therefore export most of the raw metal materials for crafting, most of which is sent to Runohite.

Ifranlar is the home of the Besaide University as well as the Hall of Records. Some people speculate that the main purpose of the Magisters setting fire to the Forest was to destroy these records.

Erindad‘s main export is lumber, furs, and meat from the forest. It is also the Imperium’s main source of wooden weapons.

Ancor Is the only true coastal city-state in the Imperium and therefore the only crafters of boats can be found here. They often export gold and silver that can be found just off the coast, on the shallow sandbars, as well as pearls that are harvested. Amcor is where most of the fine jewelry comes from in the Imperium.

Trindanfore is almost more military complex than town. More than 40 percent of the town are active Constitutes or hired mercenaries funded by the Imperium. These soldiers take posts in the mountains in long 6 month shifts. The city is home of the Reflectory, the home of the Constitution.

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