Ferus Femidir

of the catfolk


Multicolored cat person
20 years old
4’ 8’’
95 lb
Green eyes


living in the wild grasslands as a young kitten, ferus’s family migrated a lot. all cats migrate a lot though since all tribes are nomads. Ferus lost his father to a giant attack when he was 11 and now fears and hates the race. following in the footsteps (LOL) of his father, Ferus became a ranger. he learned all there was a bout nature, tracking and dwellings far and wide. as soon as he was 18 he kisses his mother goodbye and set off on an epic wander to learn more about the land he lives in. Ferus loves the wild and strives to be in nature as much as possible. he picks up quests here and there to liven up the days and as long as he is going somewhere new he is happy.

edit:::: i am now a female. those stupid bitches tricked me…. what are these things on my chest and why do i want to groom myself so much. i liked girls before and that part hasn’t changed either. so here we go…


Ferus Femidir

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